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Se ofrece empleo maintenance services

Maintenance Services
A position in Maintenance Services is being offered to qualified candidates who are prepared to meet the expectations outlined below. The primary responsibility is to provide detail-oriented maintenance and janitorial services for a clean, functional and orderly Club.
Maintenance Services personnel report to the Maintenance Supervisor or Manager on Duty when applicable.
• Able to lift 100lbs and pull or push at least 300lbs
• American Red Cross first aid certification (may be obtained within 30 days of hire)
• AED/CPR for infant, child and adult certification (may be obtained within 30 days of hire)
• Minimum 2 years’ experience doing similar work
• Minimum 2 years’ year experience with power tools required
• Some landscape experience required
• Have good working knowledge of the English language (verbal and written)
• Must be comfortable working alone and being accountable to a team
• In addition to all janitorial services listed below, the maintenance services personnel must also perform the following duties while keeping the facility useable and safe:
o electrical and plumbing repairs
o paint touch-ups
o repair furniture
o general maintenance on buildings, drains, gutters, tennis courts, fences and other infrastructure
o repair and maintain power tools in good working order
o have safe and functional knowledge of equipment usage
o medium-duty landscaping work on hillside
o some kitchen maintenance
o learn and participate in pool maintenance (equipment, water chemistry, etc.)
Housekeeping Duties:
• Some housekeeping shifts are in charge of morning opening procedures
• Continually monitor entire property for general maintenance needs, including but not limited to:
o emptying trashcans
o quickly cleaning spills, trash and other messes
o keep water coolers filled and available for use
o setting up programs and events
o maintain a clean bar, coffee station and grill area
o responding quickly to staff or member requests
o light landscaping
• Special project needs include deep-cleaning or organizing furniture and property
• Assist in daily pool maintenance procedures, including, but not limited to:
o testing pool chemicals
o covering (or uncovering) pool
o performing light pool maintenance
• Meticulously clean the property at the end of the day, including, but not limited to:
o clean, arrange and refresh all furniture and fixtures
o clean or vacuum all floors and windows, spot cleaning walls, shelves, hardware as necessary
o clean offices with special attention to security
o refill and replenish all dispensers (paper and liquid)
o locker room maintenance includes shower stalls, toilets and tile floors, equipment and dispensers
o cleaning and properly setting gym equipment
o clean and arrange outdoor furniture
• Some laundry duties
• Maintain a safe facility reporting and/or fixing any issues that arise in a timely manner
• Complete daily reports
• Renews required certifications when they expire.
• Maintains a professional appearance and wears proper uniform at all times.
• Interacts politely with facility patrons and acts as a role model for younger members.
• Attends all meetings and training sessions for the staff.
Salary & Benefits
• An entry level position will be paid $15.00 with annual increase potential.
• Associates are eligible to receive sick pay if they meet the minimum requirements for employment as described by California State Law.
• Associates are offered limited use of the facility s outlined in RRC’s Club Usage Policy.

Se ofrece empleo maintenance services

San Rafael, California, EE. UU.

Published on 07/27/2015

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