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Cartoonist of architectural projects and architectural surveys ,surveying with manual equipment

Reviewing the quality of construction of concrete floors in homes and supervising the proper execution

Design and projection housing

I build and design sculptures of religious -based ferro materials , concrete and fine finishes

I 'm Construction supervisor cinema Bouquet : wireframe , drywall , electrical, hydraulic and sanitary facilities , and finishes. I supervise each company meets the administrative technicians for the implementation of its relevant work requirements . Troubleshooting during the tour and field verification of the electrical and plumbing installations was part of the supervision exercised .

I am supervisor finishes (floors, trimmings and tile facades ) in construction of Hoteles;control personnel on site and oversee the details of finishes ( in the legs of buildings, rooms and bathrooms).
project monitoring reports are made and volumes of work are quantified.

I realize the supervision of civil works in restaurants.

I oversee sites ( new construction ) new ( TELESITE ) of base stations .

I recepciono and the replacement and installation of antennas UMTS , LTE, ODS technologies, civil works are supervised : fiber optic conduits , pipes power (power supply for Huawei LTE equipment . ) .
I make surveys of sites for proposals piping optical fiber or any other electrical raceway and land system , which is required with respect to the equipment ( Huawei , Nokia, etc . ) . the work of contractors are coordinated when work orders are required , of this type.

Painter and artist
design murals and paintings in oil and other mixed media .
Interior design and architectural details.


Los Ángeles, California, EE. UU.

Published on 08/20/2016

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